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  • About Nooch

    • What is Nooch?

      • Nooch is a powerful and flexible mobile payments platform. Send money to friends or request money from clients, moochers, and more — all for FREE with the Nooch iOS app
    • Do I need to use a particular bank?

      • Nooch will work with most US banks that have online banking (we’re working to include support for credit unions soon). Just connect any checking account to Nooch one time to fund Nooch payments. Your recipient will never see your bank info.
    • Who can I use Nooch with?

      • Anyone! Find friends on Facebook, your phone contacts, or use any email address – even if the person is not already on Nooch. Nooch will notify them with instructions on how to claim their money.
    • Does Nooch charge fees?

      • Nooch is completely free when you are sending or requesting money to another person.
    • What are the requirements to use Nooch?

      • Nooch users must be a US citizens.  Any US citizen may sign up for Nooch, but as of right now, the only way to use Nooch is on an iPhone or iPod Touch.  We’re working hard to provide Android users with the same experience soon, as well as a web app.
  • Security

    • How is my information protected?

      • Your privacy is paramount to us, so we do everything we can to keep your information safe and secure.  In addition to end-to-end encryption on all data communcation, Nooch’s platform sits on private, SSAE-certified servers behind an enterprise-level firewall. Nooch never stores bank information on a user‘s device and uses geolocation to flag potential fradulent activity.
    • What if my phone is stolen?

      • If your phone is stolen or misplaced, we’d be happy to temporarily freeze your Nooch account until you have everything sorted out.  Contact us by email at or by phone at (408) 990-0001.
    • Can I dispute a transaction?

      • If you feel that a transaction on your account was made in error, you can dispute that transaction and we will investigate your claim.  To dispute a transaction, simply find the transaction in your history, tap on it, and then tap the dispute button.  Please note that your account will be temporarily frozen while we investigate the claim.  We will make every effort to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.
    • Can other people see what I’m doing on Nooch?

      • Only if you let them.  Nooch’s stance on mobile payments is that they are inherently private.  We give you options to share what you’re doing to social media, but the default settings will always keep your privacy.  What information you share will always be your call, as it should be.

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