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Nooch for iOS Now Available

Nooch for iOS Now Available

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This month we are very excited to announce that Nooch is now available for download on the App Store. Nooch is the safe, simple and quick way to pay and get paid back. There are no fees to send or receive money – Nooch is completely free to download and use.

To get started on Nooch, download on the App Store and use this referral code:


Nooch Enter Referral Code

After downloading Nooch, enter “NOCASH” (no quotes) when prompted for a Referral Code during sign up.

Download Nooch on the App Store

What is Nooch?

Nooch simplifies the everyday “social payments” we make with friends, family, roomates or anyone else who can’t take a credit card. Nooch is an iPhone app that lets you send a payment or a request to anyone with just an email address. The recipient does not need to have Nooch to accept a payment or to pay the request – so you can use Nooch to send money to anyone.

Nooch makes social mobile payments simple: funds go directly from one user to another. Nooch users add a funding source via a 30 second one-time secure connection to an existing online banking account. Nooch works with most US banks (including most large banks like Bank of America, TD Bank, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Capital One, CitiBank and many more – representing ~90% of US checking accounts) and we’re working hard to increase the number of financial institutions Nooch supports.

Nooch Connect Bank Nooch Connect Bank Login Nooch Stats Top Friends

Packed With Features

Nooch Home Screen

Nooch is for anyone who hates carrying cash or is sick of exposing all their personal info by writing a check. Nooch makes paying back a roommate or splitting a check lightening quick. Nooch is not a social network so Nooch never exposes your personal information to your recipient or in any newsfeed. Your personal payments are your business and its our business to keep your data safe.

Nooch also is full of convenient features. With Nooch, you can…

  • find users by their location so you can quickly pay friends around you
  • attach a picture to any payment or request
  • request money from up to 10 people simultaneously
  • check out detailed statistics of your payments, top friends, & other analytics
  • dispute any transfer with one tap right from the app


Security Comes First

Security is our top priority and our simple dispute process is part of a comprehensive security architecture.  Nooch’s system is built to protect all accounts from fraud, mistakes, or any other mischief. We want Nooch to be the safest way to send money to anyone, and that means taking a cautious approach when it comes to security.

Nooch PIN Screen

A PIN is required to send money, and users can optionally require their PIN to open the Nooch app. Of course, at no time will any other user ever see your personal or financial information. When you use Nooch, the only thing the other user will see is your name. And don’t worry if you loose your phone: Nooch never stores you bank information on your phone and when you log back into Nooch on a new device, you are automatically logged out of any previous devices to protect your account.

No More ATMs!

Nooch Comparison Chart Cash Check
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