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What SOPA Means To Nooch

What SOPA Means To Nooch

If you’re a frequent visitor to (or a permanent denizen of) this thing we call the internet, you may have been hearing an awful lot about something called SOPA.  We aren’t talking about the delicious type of sopa, oh no.  This SOPA is much harder to swallow.  That chatter you’ve been seeing refers to H.R. 326, the Stop Online Piracy Act.  This act, along with its sister act PIPA, poses a serious threat to the continued development and improvement of the most important channel of communication that humans currently posses.  Now, you shouldn’t take our word for it.  We believe that everyone should come to their own conclusions about a controversial bill like this one by reading the bill itself (you can do that here and here).

The long and short of it is, SOPA will place a huge burden on some legitimate and important businesses to police user submitted content.  We believe this will result in a chilling effect on the industry as whole and decreased investment money.  The legislation is heavy handed, it is the result of law written by those who don’t fully understand how the internet works, and it will not actually result in the guilty party being punished.

At Nooch, we are advocates of the exciting possibilities that social media, user generated content, and the cloud present.  We feel that SOPA and PIPA threaten all of that.  We encourage you to write or your senator and your congressman.  We encourage you to talk to your friends about this, in person and over social networks.  The best way to curate the incredible opportunity that the internet offers is through discussion and understanding.  This act is poorly written and poorly thought out, and does not serve the best interests of all of the stakeholders in the internet’s progress.

The internet is so vital to us because of its uncensored nature.  It is the encyclopedia of our lives and times and the infrastructure for our future, and we believe that its growth should be encouraged.  Nooch joins with countless others, both businesses and individuals, in our opposition of SOPA and PIPA.  The bright future of the internet is not something to waste.

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