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Nooch gives you peace of mind knowing your tenants' rent will be automatically deposited into your bank account each month.

Get The Full Picture

View detailed payment history for each unit and send reminders to tenants who haven't paid.

Why Use Nooch?

It's Simple (Really)

Sign up, add your properties, and start asking your tenants to pay rent using Nooch

No More Checks!

Paper checks are slow, insecure, and just plain annoying.  And aren't you sick of hearing that this month's check is "in the mail"?

Automatic Payments

Nooch gives you peace of mind knowing your tenants have pre-approved their rent payment so it arrives on time.

Quick Setup

No long forms to complete, no routing/account numbers to enter.  Setup in minutes and get paid faster!

Mobile Power

Give your tenants the convenience to pay rent anytime, anywhere.  In 2016, millennials expect a way to pay on their phone.

Top-Notch Data Security

Your data is sacred.  Never share your bank info with tenants.  Nooch uses bank-grade encryption for all data.

Key Benefits

  • No more chasing late checks "in the mail"
  • Streamline your rent payment collection
  • Get started quickly - signup, add properties, and invite tenants in minutes
  • Reduce the risk of payment fraud
  • Attract more tenants who increasingly prefer a mobile payment method
Pay Rent Mobile App
Pay Rent Mobile App
  • Pay rent on time every month and avoid late fees by setting rent reminders
  • Never write another rent check again
  • View, filter, and search through all your past rent payments
  • Split the rent bill with roommates automatically, right in the Nooch app
  • Use Nooch to pay back friends, or request money from moocher roommates

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Literally takes 30 seconds.

Add Your Properties

Quickly add as many properties as you want.

Link Your Bank

No routing or account number needed!  Link by logging into your online banking account (just once).

Get Paid

Ask your tenants to pay their monthly rent using Nooch

Simple Is Powerful

Nooch Rent Payments Add Bank
Securely Link Your Bank
Mobile Rent Payment Request
Charge Any Tenant In Seconds
Nooch Rent Payment Properties
View Quick Stats For All Properties

 Safe, Secure, & Private Rent Payments

We never ask for or store sensitive details like your bank account number or debit card. Instead, just select your bank and then enter the online banking login credentials you already use to quickly link your checking account.

 Privacy Matters

Nooch is not another "social network", so the details of all payments are always kept private between you and your tenant.

 mobile rent payment dashboard

By The Numbers

65% of adults own smartphones
83% of Gen-M own smartphones
33% smartphones is primary access to the internet
67% Already use basic mobile banking
Simple Mobile Rent Payments

Rent Payments For the 21st Century

Millennials now make up half of all renters in the US. And they do things differently. Millennials:
  • spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computer.
  • hate writing checks - many don't even own a checkbook
  • want to get things done the simplest, most convenient way
  • are comfortable paying for things online - and increasing prefer to pay on their phone

Simple Pricing

For Landlords Desktop Web
Always Free

(...unless you'd also like to pay a fee)

  • Automatic rent payments
  • Send payment reminders to each tenant
  • Customizable ACH memo (what shows up on your bank statement)
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption for all data
  • Personalized support from a real, usually friendly, person
Mobile Rent Payment PIN
For Tenants iOS App or Desktop Web
$ 0.48 / transaction

(less than a stamp!)

  • Set up automatic rent payments
  • Never share you bank info with your landlord - connect securely via online banking.
    No account or routing # needed!
  • Detailed payment transaction history
  • Bank-grade SSL encryption for all data
  • Pay rent anytime, anywhere with Nooch's iOS app or pay online from any browser

...unless you're really fond of paper checks

Simplify your life and use Nooch to collect rent payments anytime, anywhere. Your tenants will love you for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You never have to enter your bank account/routing numbers, and you don't have to give tenants your bank info. The data we do store is kept on secure servers using bank-grade encryption technology.

No, it's super easy and usually takes less than 3 minutes from signup to payment collection.

We trained 3 medium-intelligence cats to complete the signup process, and they can do it in under 2 minutes. But then again, they don't have thumbs.

Disclaimer: we didn't actually train any cats. But Nooch is really easy to get setup.

Your tenants can pay rent one of two ways: via the Nooch iOS app, or from any web browser. After you enter a tenant's name and email address, we will automatically notify each tenant when the rent is due each month.

Tenants only have to link their bank account one time. After the first one, tenants can pay rent each month in seconds - they only have to enter their PIN to confirm each payment.

You sure can. Landlords can do everything from any regular web browser - no smartphone required. Your tenants can use the Nooch iOS app to pay their rent, or they can pay from a web browser too if they don't have an iPhone.

Because Uncle Sam charges $0.49 for a postage stamp. So we get to say Nooch really is cheaper than mailing a check.

Rent Payment screenshot

You're In Good Company

About Nooch

Nooch connects your phone and bank account to make personal payments safe, quick, and easy. By seamlessly and securely linking your phone and checking account, Nooch frees you from the fragmented P2P payments ecosystem. Break free from ATM fees and use your money on your terms.

Nooch Screenshot Overview

Nooch is a Person-to-Person (P2P) money transfer app that is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to send money to friends.

Cash is becoming obsolete and people are carrying less and less of it as they rely more on their credit/debit cards. So what happens when you really need actual cash and don't have any?

You either borrow some and (never) pay them back, or you drive to an ATM where you pay outrageous fees. Nooch lets you to use your smartphone to pay back a friend, settle a bet, or just send a birthday gift in only a few seconds.

Simple. Secure. Never carry cash again!

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